So, this one was just borne out of getting increasingly pissed off reading the news every day about some racist asshole taking it upon themselves to police “their” neighborhood (although just as many of them probably moved into some place and then automatically started walking around like they owned the place) by harassing, attacking and calling the police on people of color that were too conspicuous for them. It’s great that these people are getting blown up on social media pretty much as soon as it happens, and I hope them getting fired serves as fair warning to all the other scumbags that think having the dorito in chief in the white house gives them the right to vocally oppress others.

And while I get the argument that some prefer their racists out in the open and primed to be exposed, I’m not sure if the person who gets the cops called on them and their children for taking family photos cares about bringing bigotry out in the open. It’d be nice if the racists felt enough shame over their behavior that children (or anyone really) wouldn’t be made to feel less than for the color of their skin to begin with.

So anyways, I might as well use this space to introduce the newest addition to the MMC family, my son Felix. He’s a handful, and definitely impacting my comic related output so far, but Mike is holding it down, and I’ll be trying to be getting more of our new comix put up here regardless.

Oh, yeah, so this was the comic I reference in the beginning.

Me and Mike were handing out this comic about Prop L (Site/Lie) when the incident occurred.

Rio wrote this comic and drew the first, 3rd and last panel, Ivy drew the second and 7th panel, Mike drew the 4th and 6th, and Paul Sand drew the 5th.