Mission Mini-Comix is a loosely organized cartooning collective based out of San Francisco founded by Rio & Mikey, two S.F. Natives with great love for the sequential arts.

Most of the comix here-in are collaborative efforts that include, Mikey, Rio and whoever of our friends we could successfully coerce into contributing.

More pictures and bios will be added to this page when I get more self portraits from people.

Mike Self Portrait

Mike - Self Portrait

Name: Mikey
Age: 32
Code name: “Silent But Deadly”
Occupation: Cartoonist. S.F. Native. Juggler.
Specialties: Comix, OCD detailing, painting, juggling, sedition.
Favorite Music: Hickey, Fuckface, the Faggz, 50 million, Human Beanz, (other oldschool Mission stuff), Flipper, Nirvana. Tupac, Kool Keith, Outkast. Okay helluv other music too, I don’t have all page.
Favorite t.v.: The Maxx, Aeon Flux(the show not movie) Full metal alchemist,Lum, Doctor Who. I could just go on, I love and hate t.v. as I love and hate myself
Likes: Friends, kitties, animals, comics, well crafted stories, hard core video game sessions, lengthy philosophical debates, weird ass mysterious art, bathroom humor
Dislikes: Hipsterism, fixed-gear bicycles, the removal and resale of culture from the populous at large, the new world order, comics and art that sucks (I’m sortuv a hater.)
Catch phrase: “Real men cook their heroin in the belly of a goat.!”
Name: Rio
Age: 33
Code name: “8-ball”
Occupation: Cartoonist. S.F. Native. Web Developer.
Specialties: Comix, flash, web design, long range snarking, communist propaganda.
Favorite Music: Hickey, F.Y.P., Rudiments, Nirvana, Pixies, Fugazi, Bananas, Bar Feeders, Crass, Quasi etc.
Favorite t.v.: The Maxx, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Full Metal Alchemist, Dexter, X-Men: The animated series, Spectacular Spiderman
Likes: Existential Absurdity, facetiousness, reddit, comic books
Dislikes: Capitalism, self righteousness, arrogance, humorlessness-ess
Catch phrase: “My farts smell like bisquick!”


Rio - Self Portrait

Audrey - Self Portrait

Name: Audrey Soffa
Age: 30
Code name: “Bourgeois Bettie”
Occupation: Pharmacy. S.F. Native. Insurance Saleswoman.
Specialties: Writin’, Drawin’, needlepointin’, internet subculture
Favorite Music: Whatever’s on the radio, played at reasonable volume
Favorite t.v.: N/A – stopped watching T.V after they cancelled “Family Matters”
Likes: (shrug)
Dislikes: Meh.
Catch phrase: “Huh”
Name: Spencer Gray
Age: 26
Code name: “Iron Lung”
Occupation: Art Fag. S.F. Native. Vagrant
Specialties: I always said there were 3 things I was good at, but… ah.. I forget what they are now…
Favorite Music: Hunn Hurr Tu, Andre Nicatina, 15, Hickey, Bongzilla, P-Funk, Kong Nei, Neurosis and Prince
Favorite t.v.: Don’t own one!
Likes: Double Cheese Burgers, Italian Surrealism, My Dog, Badly Recorded Punk Rock, Depression Era Cartoons, German Expressionism, Swamp Thing, Victorian Architecture, Coffee and Cigarettes
Dislikes: Conceptual Art, Vigilantes, The Pigs, Employment and Taxation, Bunk Acid, Skin Heads and Dependance On The Convenience of Technology
Catch phrase: “Never Waste Ya Flavor!”

Spencer Self Portrait

Spencer - Self Portrait

da ruchinator

Erin - Self Portrait

Name:Erin Ruch
Brief Statement:My name is Erin. I love mission mini-comix. I like to draw too.
Name: Thom
Age: 28
Code name: “Ronin Kikuchiyo Tomoshima”
Occupation: Painter, Muralist, sometime Cartoonist, bicycle mechanic and purveyor of semi-legal substances
Specialties: Narcissism, Misanthropy, Edged Weapons, Living the way of the Samurai
Favorite Music: Hickey, Wu Tang Clan, Necro, RBL Posse, Ill Mannered Players, 50 Million, Darkthrone, Bethlehem, Hammers of Misfortune, Ludicra, Agalloch, etc.
Favorite t.v.: House, Afro Samurai, Boondocks, Weeds, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Freaks and Geeks
Likes: Bicycles, Marijuana, Girls, Homies, Punkshows, katanas, video games, Samurai Culture, Beer, Burritos, Marijuana, Pills, Methadone, the color Black, Marijuana
Dislikes: Gentrification, yuppies, crack, bitches, meth, cold toilet seats, overly positive or optimistic people, idiot motorists, long lines, doing laundry, shaving, tying my shoes, dealing with mundane day to day realities
Catch phrase: “In my dojo, we are all wounded orphans”


Thom - Self Portrait

Cameron - Self Portrait

Name:Cameron Forsley
Brief Statement:Check out more of Cameron’s arts and comix here.