Our ever lovin’ email address is minicomix@gmail.com

This email is checked regularly by Rio and to a lesser extent, Mikey. (Mike will probably check it a whole lot more once someone gives him a computer… hint hint) Mikey has a computer now, yay!!

If you’re a store (first off, congratulations on achieving sentience and learning to use a computer!) and would like to carry any of our comix, please email us. We can send out packs of folded mini-comix at affordable rates! 😉 We’ll probably be adding a page listing the physical store locations where our comix are carried as soon as Rio has the time and energy to do so.

If you want to contact any of the other contributing artists and writers, email us at at the email address above and we’ll make sure you missive winds up in the right hands or ears.

If you are a contributing artist and you’d like to add your email address or other contact info to this page, holler at Rio.