The addition of an exercise and sport science minor can expand employment opportunities and add capabilities for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or related fields such as physical therapy or sports sciences. Joint Master of Arts/Juris Doctor (M.A./J.D. More information is available on the CLAS website. Detroit, MI 48202 (map) More news. WebThe neuroscience major and minor offer the chance to work on cutting-edge research projects with Ohio State faculty. Students outside of CLAS should always consult their program advisors to determine whether adding a minor is feasible and to consider which minors would fit into their degree programs. Geology is the scientific study of planet Earth and involves the observation and interpretation of processes that form and change our world. This minor would allow students interested in health-related fields to explore the relationship between human rights and health, as well as social factors that contribute to health inequities. I plan to work in either pediatrics or gynecology. Chemists are employed in industry, academia, government, non-profits and start their own companies. Our diverse community of over 2,000 doctoral students and dedicated faculty works together to make local and global impact through research, study, innovation and creativity in the heart of Detroit . The minor requires the completion of 18 credits. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Sciences and Disorders. We strongly urge students to carefully consider their choice of a minor when planning their coursework. WebA minor in psychology is a great way to supplement a variety of majors. High School: Seaholm High School, Birmingham, MI, Extracurricular Engagements: Volunteer for the Michigan Humane Society, volunteering for the Detroit Film Theatre, conducting research on the social history of medicine, specifically in the relation to 19th century Irish public health, Co-founder of the Patriot Week Foundation to promote an understanding of American history and civics, forensic public speaking coach for high school students. Career aspirations:I aspire to be a doctor that helps patients with more than just medical issues. This gives your rsum a competitive edge while also allowing you to study what you love. WebNeuroscience Minor Requirements: Complete a total of 15 credits of coursework from the list below. WebBiomedical Physics Minor The Department also offers a minor in Biomedical Physics. Extracurricular Engagements:InterSTEM Research Group - Biology Research Leader Minds Matter Simply GenZ (current event/ pressing global topics blog for younger individuals) - Communications Coordinator Ivylettes - Corresponding Secretary Biomedical Career Advancement (Assistant). Fluency in both Arabic and English allows a physician to understand and treat broader groups of patients. Career aspiraions:I hope to become an equitable medical researcher/professional that actively works to help underserved communities around the world. Physics is the science that describes the behavior of the physical world. All courses are currently utilized for the Environmental Science major. WebA Minor in Neuroscience The minor consists of eight courses. High School: Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Bowie, MD, Extracurricular Engagements: Cancer Genomics research. We offer more than 370 academic programs, including 126 bachelor's degree programs, 139 master's degree programs, 60 doctoral degree programs and 30 certificate, specialist and professional programs. Incoming Master's in Social Work student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Furthermore, I hope to resolve the health disparities that people face throughout our nation and provide them with the basic care that they deserve. Molecular Biology. New and transfer students entering the university in fall 2018 and beyond, Students returning after a seven-year or more absence. WebSelect three additional credits at Wayne State University from the following: 3. Career aspiraions: I plan on becoming a Family Medicine physician and work with low income communities. My goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon one day. There are three different tracks by which students can complete the High School:Southfield High for the Arts & Technology, Southfield, MI, Extracurricular Engagements:High School: NHS (National Honors Society), Southfield Rotary Interact College: Applied Discussions in Medical Ethics, Black Student Union, Elevate Women. This minor will appeal to students interested in applying to law school or in issues related to the philosophy of law. Message us and we'll be in touch within 48 hours. A degree in mathematics prepares students to specialize in the physical, life or social sciences, business administration, engineering, and education. WebChemistry Minor Chemistry Minor Students majoring in other fields who desire to obtain a minor in chemistry must complete the following courses: Course List Code Title Credits CHM 1100& CHM 1130 General Chemistry Iand General Chemistry I Laboratory 5 CHM 1140& CHM 1150 General Chemistry IIand General Chemistry II Laboratory 5 CHM The discipline is divided into the fields of cultural, biological, linguistic anthropology, archaeology and applied anthropology. WebClassical Civilization Minor < Wayne State Undergraduate Bulletin College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Classical Civilization Minor Classical Civilization Minor A minor in Classical Civilization consists of twenty credits distributed as follows: 1 2155 Old Main Bldg 4841 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 313-577-2515, University General Education requirements. A neuroscience major could complete this minor with 11 to 13 additional credits. 313-577-3541. Career aspiraions:I aspire to be a thoughtful physician treating vulnerable patients in the communities that need me. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary science dedicated to discovering how the brain produces thought, emotion, and behavior on the levels of systems, cells, and molecules. Anthropology is a comparative social science that seeks to understand human behavior within the context of different cultural systems, past and present. The goal of the neuroscience major is to provide students with a strong background in fundamental basic sciences and exposure to the integrative nature of neuroscience to allow students to understand nervous system function from a variety of perspectives. This minor will appeal to students interested in the ethicaland moral issues in science and medicine that are becoming increasingly important for neuroscience, as evidenced by the recent establishment of the field of neuroethics. View info, ratings, reviews, specialties, education history, and more. Career aspiraions: I plan on pursing a career in neurology or psychiatry with the hopes of practicing a hospital setting among other medical specialists. Career aspiraions: To become a clinically oriented physician to whom patients feel comfortable entrusting their healthcare needs. This fall, I plan to take part in intermural sports such as soccer and basketball, and become engaged with a real estate group located on campus. Download PDF of the entire 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog, Download PDF of the entire 2023-2024 Graduate Catalog, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, Academic Regulations: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Bachelors Degree Requirements: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Exploratory and Pre-Professional Curricula, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Explore the biology of the brain. I know that the field of medicine and caring for patients goes beyond prescriptions and medical procedures and I hope to incorporate a holistic approach into the way I provide treatment to my patients. The skills of the historian the ability to do research in original sources, to think critically, and to write clearly and persuasively are highly valued in our changing world. Career aspirations:As a physician, I hope to improve the conditions that contribute toward the health disparities present in our society. Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry and Drug Design. CLAS students can choose any minor at the university. How many classes do I still have to take at WSU to complete a minor if f I'm transferring courses into WSU that count towards my minor? WebCompletion of the minor in Nutrition and Food Science requires a minimum of eighteen credits in Nutrition and Food Science courses as follows: Course List Twitter Facebook Instagram Linkedin Flickr YouTube Records and Registration 42 W. WarrenDetroit, MI 48202 (map)313-577-3541 Privacy and University PoliciesWayne State University 2023 One additional course of the candidate's choice at any level* Career aspirations:I will become a geneticist who specializes in treating and finding more accessible and effective treatments for sickle cell disease. OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Oklahoma on Monday became the latest state to ban gender-affirming medical care for minors as Republican Gov. The minor requires the completion of 18-19 credits. The Neuroscience Program Ph.D.-granting graduate program began in 1998, and the undergraduate B.S.-granting program began in 2012. The Jewish Studies minor engages students who are interested in exploring the history, culture, language and politics of the Jewish communities from Biblical times through the modern period. Note: The minor requirement is estimated at 21 credits. Career aspiraions: I want to become a medical school teacher, or a teacher of resident doctors. Minimum of 18 credits in psychology (PSY) coursework. WebThe minor at Penn State involves interdisciplinary training in neuroanatomy and circuitry, neuronal physiology, evolution and development of the nervous system, biochemistry, cellular and molecular processes, and functional neurobiology of disease and behavior. Career aspiraions: I hope to one day become a physician and give back to the community that raised me and helped make me who I am. Generally, it is the practice of public and private agencies and groups that deter crime and delinquency and that prosecute, defend, adjudicate, punish and correct suspects and convicted offenders. This system enforces federal and state laws and is part of a larger administration of justice complex, involving court administration, juvenile justice and private security. The exercise and sport science minor consists of five courses, totaling 15 credits. Courses denoted with (R) satisfy a University General Education requirement. Wayne State's bachelor of science in public health program offers training in public health issues and policies to students interested in a broad range of health careers. Chemists understand the physical world from the perspective of the smallest building blocks called atoms and this understanding is critical to many industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive, food, plastics and electronics. I aspire to become a physician and contribute to healthcare policy. Career aspiraions: I intend to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine. I plan to open a private practice specifically aimed towards sickle cell patients and offer those treatments at more affordable rates in order to lessen the financial burden on them and their families. concurrent degree program. Extracurricular Engagements:Wind Band, Teen Trendsetter, Choir, Bible Study. Career aspiraions: I aspire to be a cardiovascular surgeon, an entrepreneur, and an activist for minority health. One course at the 5000-level: 4. A degree in English prepares students for success in every career. Advanced study inquires into the political, organizational, social and behavioral aspects of its components. Two neuroscience elective courses (NFS 4230; NFS 5170) can double-count as electives for this minor to help fulfill the "seven additional credits" requirement (note: one additional course must be selected to reach seven credits). and Ph.D.), Ph.D./Infant Mental Health (Dual-title Degree). WebNeuroscience. This minor will allow students to deepen their skills in statistics, an attractive feature on a rsum. Students are advised to meet with their advisor to develop an individualized plan of work. If you are majoring in another school or college, you can consult thisWayne State's advising list for contact information. American Association of Medical Colleges Medical College Admissions Test Pre-Medical Biology Student Advisors The minimum requirement for a minor in history is eighteen credits of history coursework, of which a maximum of nine credits can be transferred from other institutions. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Career aspiraions:I aspire to become a pediatrician. Career Aspirations:I aspire to become a physician who serves in underrepresented communities. WebThe Environmental Science minor requires a minimum of 24 credits for completion. A minor may be declared when filing for graduation. We offer more than 370 academic programs, including 126 bachelor's degree programs, 139 master's degree programs, 60 doctoral degree programs and 30 certificate, specialist and professional programs. Extracurricular Engagements: Member of Wayne State Campus Activities Team, PERIOD, RISE, Muslim Students Association, Dental Assistant at Happy Smile Family Dental, coach for the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) for IA East, Minor: Health Psychology and Fairy-Tale and Folklore Studies, High School: Utica Academy for International Studies, Sterling Heights, MI, Extracurricular Engagements: Peer Mentor for Warrior Vision Impact Program (VIP), member of RISE and New Life, engagedin research in Detroit Young Adult Asthma Project (DYAAP), member of Future Pediatrics. Extracurricular Engagements: Engaged in research with Dr. Alana Conti in the Department of Neurosurgery, presented at various conferences, received research grants, and have publications in progress, mentor for FitKids360, volunteering at Michigan Humane Society and the Fresh Prescription Program, club volleyball at Wayne State, and CrossFit, High School: Renaissance High School, Detroit, MI, Extracurricular Engagements: Multicultural Greek Council Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated, Rising Black Medical Leaders, WSU Dungeons and Dragons. This program mentors and trainsscholars to become medical community leaders that helpreduce urban health disparities in their communities. The interdisciplinary program is Anthropology brings a cross-cultural knowledge base and unique methodological and conceptual tools to bear on understanding the transformations, problems and interconnections of contemporary societies. Learn more about the Neuroscience minor at UNG. Criminal justiceis society's primary formal means of social control. Especially pertinent are the powerful forces of suburbanization, political fragmentation, and residential segregation along lines of race and class that reshaped our society in the latter half of the 20th century. Together these public and private choices determine the nation's prosperity and shape the distribution of its wealth. The employment and labor relations major provides students with the opportunity to develop the critical skills necessary to analyze employment and workplace issues. WebThe minor in Criminal Justice introduces undergraduate students to the general components and procedures of criminal justice system in the U.S., criminological theories of crime and criminality, and an understanding of race, ethnicity, and diversity issues affecting the criminal justice system. Every Wayne State student will use major, minor, language and culture, and general education courses to construct a full, well-rounded degree. Career Aspirations:I aspire to become a doctor with empathy and compassion who advocates for their patients. High School: Star International Academy, Dearborn Heights, MI, Extracurricular Engagements: Undergraduate research assistance under Dr. Shane Perrine in WSU SOM's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences. African American studies is the systematic study of the historical, cultural, intellectual and social development of people of African descent, the societies of which they are a part and their contribution to world civilization. Choosing a minor that makes I also want increase health literacy within those communities. PHI 5230 and PHI 5550 are electives in the neuroscience major. Career aspiraions: I am planning on specializing in diagnostic and interventional radiology. Philosophy majors have the highest average score of any major on the LSAT, the verbal section of GRE, and the analytical writing section of GRE. Career Aspirations:I aspire to become a doctor not just to help those in need of medical assistance, but to also serve as a voice to those who society has silenced. Kevin Stitt signed a bill I thought it wouldadd joy to my first-semester load. Graduates are employed by public health and regulatory agencies (e.g., FDA and USDA), industries relating to food processing, manufacturing, quality control, and food safety and security; foodservice management (industry, schools or hospitals), government and community agencies, health departments and wellness programs, nutrition counseling offices, food businesses and sports nutrition as well as clinical nutrition (hospitals or extended care facilities). Year 2: Complete all required basic science courses for neuroscience major; satisfy two General Education Inquiry requirements. View more minors outside of the liberal arts and sciences by: Engineering (Computer Science, Industrial), Social work (Law and Social Work, Social Work and Social Justice). Many classes have a sample syllabus for the course. Giving back to the city that taught me and practicing in an urban setting as whatever specialty I wish to pursue is the ultimate goal. Career Aspirations:I aspire to become a prominent leader in the medical field, and to use my experience to fight medical discrimination and work to provide equitable care to those in need. WebThe neuroscience major is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in basic sciences that lie at the core of the discipline and to allow students flexibility in elective Requirements Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology, Bachelor of Sciencein Chemistry: Concentration in Biochemistry, Bachelor of Sciencein Chemistry: Concentration in Materials, Minor in Biochemistry and Chemical Biology. The field of urban studies explores contemporary cities and urban trends and addressessome of today's most pressing problems. WebNote that neuroscience majors are expected to complete Psych 3313 and Neuro 3000 prior to taking their specialization courses. High School:Abington Heights High School, Clarks Summit, PA, Extracurricular Engagements:Black Student Union Soccer Swimming. WebCourse List; Code Title Credits; Select sixteen credits in the first four semesters of the language sequences in Chinese or Japanese: 16: Select six credits in elective courses related to the language A neuroscience major could complete this minor with 10 additional credits. An important rule that applies to all programs: All minors must include at least three courses that are not used to fulfill requirements for any other major or minor; that is, there must be three courses unique to the minor that do not double-count with major requirements. This can lead to better grades, higher moraleand access to like-minded students to hang out and study with. Graduate Certificate in Peace and Security Studies. in any work setting. High School:West Bloomfield High School, West Bloomfield, MI, Extracurricular Engagements:Brilliant Detroit tutor, Math Pentathlon coach, MSA, HOSA, shadowed various physicians. But you cannot major in English and minor in English or major in physics and minor in physics. High School:Cy-Fair High School, Cypress, Texas, Extracurricular Engagements:Health Occupations Students of America Serve Hope English Peer Tutor Memorial Hermann Junior Volunteer SIRE Therapeutic Horsemanship Varsity Volleyball. 42 W. Warren By Jill de Jesus, former academic services officer III, 2155 Old Main Bldg 4841 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 313-577-2515, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts, Tons of awesome minors are located in the, So many cool minors are available to you in the. Math helps musicians understand sound while music gives mathematicians the ability to test patterns and relationships. Career aspiraions: I aspire to work as a partnering physician at a pediatric clinic. Studentswill emerge with a strong foundation in basic science and appliedneurosciencethat will make them competitive for post-graduate studies or employment in industry, government, health, and education. Globally, complex systems of urban settlement house the overwhelming majority of the population and dominate their residents' social, economic, cultural and intellectual lives. An interdepartmental program, a degree in employment and labor relations prepares students toexaminethe social, political and economic dimensions of these issues in the context of a broad liberal arts education. The university honors co-major does not fulfill the college requirement for a minor. It provides a route by which students may achieve a level of competence to do research in any of several special mathematical areas. WebAbstract. High School:School for the Talented and Gifted, Dallas, Tx. The requirements for a minor consist of: 1 Or PHY 5620 and PHY 5621. Minors: Health psychology and Public Health, Extracurricular Engagements: President Rising Black Medical Leaders, Director of Community Affairs WSU Student Senate, Peer Mentor Warrior VIP, Engaged in Ovarian Cancer Research, Honors Black Affinity Group member. Career aspiraions:To become a Urologist that also teaches at a medical school. WebThe Department offers a minor in geology for undergraduate students. Career Aspirations: I aspire to become a physician-scientist and research notorious neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Important: Students must complete all courses in their minors with a minimum overall average of 2.0. The study of political science is focused on understanding the nature and problems of government and the role of politics in contemporary society. I also plan on researching various women's health issues. Career aspiraions: I have a strong interest in infectious diseases as a career path, but I'm open to exploring different specialties in medical school. WebAdvanced Symbolic Logic: 2. WebThe Biomedical Science Programs through the Wayne State University School of Medicine provide outstanding graduate education, student interaction and research opportunities Objective: To evaluate relationships between specific cerebellar regions and common clinical measures of motor and cognitive function in persons with multiple Bachelor of Arts in Employment and Labor Relations (BAELR), Master of Arts in Employment and Labor Relations(MAELR). Households and business firms must decide what and how much to consume or produce and how much labor, land, and capital to supply. A minor can help you market yourself to employers after graduationbecause it gives you valuable skills in areas outside of your major. PSY 4030 will be required for PSY 4030 will be required for In CLAS, your advisor will be located in your major department. High School:Mansfield Early College High School, Mansfield, TX, Extracurricular Engagements:Civil Air Patrol Pioneer Academics: Biology Research Concentration New York Academy of the Sciences: Junior Academy Underclassmen Peer Tutor & SAT Prep Club Co-President RCCGHOTR Youth Executive Team. WebMedical Humanities Minor A candidate pursuing a Medical Humanities Minor must complete a minimum of eighteen (18) total credits. The linguistics program offers an interdisciplinary approach to this field, permitting students to explore a wide range of topics and issues in language research. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2023 Mar 10;S0003-9993 (23)00096-5. doi: 10.1016/j.apmr.2023.02.001. Discover your path at Wayne State and find what fuels you. Students will learn to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and explore answers to promote the health and well-being of communities locally, nationally and globally. The minor consists of six AFS courses which must include: Students wishing to minor in African American Studies are encouraged to visit the departmental office for information and counseling. Special education teachers with an art or music background can use creative concepts to connect with students. Students earning a degree innutrition and food sciencewill be prepared to enter the nutrition or food science profession, dietetics field, or positions in a variety of food businesses, research, and development. History of Science, Technology, Environment and Medicine (H-STEM). Co-major in Latino/a and Latin American Studies. High School: Chaparral High School, Temecula, CA, Extracurricular Engagements: The W Food Pantry, Warrior VIP, FitKids360, MSA, Photography, Piano. Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, Master of Arts in Nutrition and Food Science, Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Science, Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition and Food Science, Joint Master of Arts/Master of Public Health (MA/MPH), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Certificate. I would like to start my career as either a Cardiologist or an Anesthesiologist, and possibly work my way up to administration. In order to accomplish this feat, the study of religion is a truly interdisciplinary field drawing from fields as diverse as anthropology, history, philosophy, classics, near eastern studies, Asian studies, literature, art history, political science and sociology. WebNeuroscience Nutrition and Food Science Peace and Conflict Studies Philosophy Physics and Astronomy Political Science Psychology Public Health Religious Studies Minor Sociology Urban Studies and Planning Wayne Med-Direct Contact Have questions about CLAS majors? The core of the criminal justice system is comprised of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, courts, and correctional agencies. Students majoring in other fields can minor in African American studies. WebBachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences The bachelor of arts (B.A.) Career aspiraions: After living in Detroit, I have realized that not only is there a physician shortage in rural areas, but a lack of connection between communities and doctors. Career aspiraions:I aspire to a doctor that can make a large, positive impact in the largely unserved communities in my area, and continue the work of so many doctors and researchers who are trying to eliminate the high maternal death rates for all women in our country. The students should consult the departmental Undergraduate Academic Advisor for approval of the minor prior to undertaking the program. Math and music are both beautiful and elegant. (M.D./Ph.D.). Students develop analytical and research skills that enable them to identify and assess the often conflicting objectives of criminal justice and investigate basic issues and practical problems in criminology and criminal justice. WebNu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, founded in 2006 by the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience. Contact your departmental advisor for assistance in declaring your minor or schedule an advising appointment. Career aspiraions: I aspire to help create a medical community with a improved level of trust between minority communities and a world in which minority communities have an equitable opportunity to achieve optimal health. Students are introduced to the causes of human conflict and violence, as well as approaches to conflict management ranging from diplomacy, law and negotiation, to mediation and arbitration. Environmental Science majors are not eligible for the Environmental Science minor. If you are a first-year exploratory student, a pre-professional student, a veteran, pre-social work or pre-nursing student, our awesome University Advising Center has staff is ready to help you. WebCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Wayne State University I also want to fight for deprived communities to access green spaces that are free from environmental waste and work toward a greener future for everyone. Students earning a co-major in peace and conflict studies or Latino/a and Latin American Studies, or who are completing an undergraduate certificate, will be considered to have completed the minor requirement. Detroit, MI 48202 (map) The study of criminal justice begins with analysis of the entire justice system as a force for social order. WebPremier research. Career aspiraions: I aspire to be a physician-scientist, with a focus on neurosurgery and neurological diseases. Thus, training in physics offers a variety of opportunities. One additional course of the candidate's choice at any level* WebAdvanced Symbolic Logic: 2. I would like to work on ethical practices in the medical field, and make sure that healthcare is accessible to all. Infertility particularly interests me, so it's where I would like to dedicate my life's research. Major: Kinesiology-Exercise and Sports Science, High School: Cass Technical High School, Detroit, MI, Extracurricular Engagements: Rising Black Medical Leaders, engaged in research with the Department of Kinesiology, volunteering at the Campus Health Center. WebWayne State University is a comprehensive university with 13 colleges and schools. Career aspirations:My career aspirations are to become a Sports Medicine Physician, utilize the capital that I have been able to save over the years to generate multiple streams of income (invest in stocks, real estate, intellectual properties, or other assets), and continue to enhance my financial literacy. In addition, I hope to be an advocate for addressing health disparities through volunteer work.

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